There's a better way to cater your office. With us, we provide corporate catering 24/7.

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Austin Office Catering

We are a team that believe your office should have the best Quality food, for the best prices. It's modern corporate catering made easy and its offered 24/7

Based in Austin, Texas and with a love of local food, we launched this company.

With modern tech, we keep our operating prices the lowest in Austin


Your one stop shop for your office lunch catering. Turnkey food solutions for your office with no effort on your part.

We provide you with a personal catering manager onsite to handle everything for you! 

First Course

Working with Austin's local restaurant and food truck scene, we bring the best to you. We also have grab and go options. Texas Mexican options, Italian, Asian inspired dishes, salads, you name it. Always Austin, always fresh.

You can fit us in alongside any office micro-market. You can even put us next to vending machines. Our options are affordable and we work with local food trucks and restaurants. We can even incorporate food automation options at your office.


The environment for corporate catering is changing. We offer 24/7 hot food.

We offer the most affordable pricing model for corporate catering. Feel free to give us a call and send us a quote from a competitor and we will be happy to offer a lower price.

Tired of your cafeteria options or limited availability? We can help

Some of our locations

What People Say About Us

Austin office catering user
Michael Nassir
Office Manager

"These guys made our office experience a whole lot better. They brought food from local vendors and did wonders for office morale. We saw a return of 40% of our office staff which was huge for us in the post pandemic time."

These guys are legit! Brought me right back to my office with their options. Introduced some local Austin flavors that I really ended up enjoying.

Maria Konstantine
Procurement Officer

Austin Office Catering brought their services to my office and did it through cool approaches. They took care of everything for us. No maintenance or work on our part and quite affordable too.

Austin office catering user
Jason Wong
Property Manager

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